Impressionist Landscape with Cliffs Oil on Canvas (by M. Oliver)

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A peaceful depiction of a cove, with the still blue water hugging the cliffs and the hazy clouds inviting a dreamlike atmosphere. It's impossible not to be filled with tranquillity when looking at the vibrant colours and soft brushwork of this radiant piece.

The label on reverse stretcher indicates that it may have been exhibited at the Exposition Universelle et Internationale de Bruxelles 1910

The exhibition was dedicated to science, the arts, industry and trade. The Fine Art section included modern art loaned by the French including three works each by Claude Monet, Auguste Rodin and August Renoir, as well as two works by Henri Matisse. Painters who participated included the Belgian Alois Boudry who won a silver medal, and the French Adrien Karbowsky.

Artist Name: M. Oliver

Approx Date: 1890 to 1900

Frame Size: H 84 cm x W 94 cm x D 3.5 cm

Canvas Size: H 70 cm x W 80 cm

Medium: Oil on canvas

Condition: Good