Modernist Signed Limited Edition Silkscreen of Two Faces

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A dynamic signed limited edition silkscreen print, flowing with the electricity and life of this human connection. In this vibrant piece, the modern technique of cross hatching has been reduced to its most basic form, and the palette has been diluted to mostly primary colours - a comment on the lack of importance of surroundings and the outside world when we are engaged in a compelling conversation. The figures look fixedly at each other, their mouths symbolically connected by a phone cord. A truly powerful piece.

Artist name: Signed at present unidentifiable 

Approx date: 1985 

Frame Size: H 40.5 cm x W 49 cm x D 3 cm

Paper size: H 25 cm x W 35 cm

Medium: Ink on paper

Condition: Good

Weight: 1.8 kg