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Contemplation - Rosendo González Carbonell (1910-1984) *

Contemplation - Rosendo González Carbonell (1910-1984) *

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This evocative master study by Rosendo González Carbonell is influenced by the Realism movement that flourished in the 1850s in France with artists like Gustave Courbet, captures a moment of quiet introspection. It depicts a woman in a contemplative pose, her gaze thoughtfully directed towards a water jug she holds, eschewing romantic idealisation for a truthful depiction of everyday life. The artist employs loose, expressive brushwork and a palette of rich, warm earth tones—reds and browns—to infuse the scene with a sense of movement and vitality. This approach, characteristic of the late 19th to early 20th century, echoes the traditions of Realism and early Impressionism, creating a cozy ambiance that invites viewers into a personal moment that transcends time. Through this blend of artistic styles, the painting invites a deep, universal connection, offering a window into the human experience of contemplation.

Artist Name: Rosendo González Carbonell (1910-1984)
24x 34

Nationality: Spanish

Medium: Oil on canvas

Period: 1920 to 1949

Movement: Realism

Approx Date:1940.

Condition: Excellent

Subject: Portraits


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