5 Top Tips for Buying Art on a Budget

5 Top Tips for Buying Art on a Budget

As we put the elitist days of the art world behind us, we have moved towards a world where we can access any artwork conceivable at the tap of a screen. Online galleries and platforms make it easier than ever to browse the latest additions and the old masters of art all in one swipe, at any time we like…

However, the immense price tags on auction sites can be discouraging, particularly when you are just kicking off your collection… But don’t let them scare you off! Whether you are embarking on your collecting journey or you’re a cultivated connoisseur, take a look below at this handy cheat sheet for buying art at an affordable price.


1. Go Online

Staying connected to your favourite artists and galleries online is one of the best ways to find yourself a steal. Be sure to follow them on Instagram to keep in the loop, and don’t forget to subscribe to gallery mailing lists to be the first to hear about new and exclusive offers. More and more companies are using the Instagram ‘shop’ feature to sell their products, which is a great place to look for the things you love in a convenient place. You might even stumble across some exciting up-and-coming artists during your search!


2. Finding Undiscovered Masters

Seeing the price tag of the latest Banksy can be rather daunting if you’re thinking of purchasing something to hang in your living room, but this shouldn’t put you off. Looking for unsigned pieces or those by lesser-known artists can have just as much value for you if you find something you truly love. At Modern Decorative, we believe the best signature is the painting itself. It is certainly not all about the name!


 3. Pay in Instalments

If you’ve fallen in love with a piece, but not with the cost (it happens to all of us!), then not to worry. More and more websites are allowing customers to pay in instalments through protected methods such as Klarna and PayPal, meaning you can split the cost to make it much more manageable. At www.moderndecorative.com, we accept Klarna payments, giving you the choice to either ‘buy now, pay later,’ meaning you pay nothing up front and cover the cost within 30 days, or to spread the payment over three, interest free monthly instalments. What’s not to love?


4. Buying Prints

Getting your hands on prints is the perfect way to enjoy your favourite artworks without having to shell out a crazy amount of money. Prints are widely accessible, and many galleries and websites even sell limited edition ones if you are looking for an extra special purchase. Head over to www.moderndecorative.com to see the fantastic prints we have on offer!


5. Art for Life

There is no question that buying art should be for enjoyment, not solely for investment. However, investing in emerging artists or anonymous pieces can be a fantastic way to get hold of things you love as well as making it worthwhile for your wallet. Some of the more affordable works may well increase in value, and not to mention, investing in what makes you happy and improves your mood is the way forward – then you may never wish to sell it at all!

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