'Bringing The Outside In' With Art.

'Bringing The Outside In' With Art.

Incorporating organic materials into your interior design is more on-trend than ever, and now that many of us can't go outside as much as we'd like, there is even more of a craving to 'bring the outside in'.

Longing for a countryside walk or a day at the beach? We have put together our five top pics from our collection of magnificent landscape paintings to offer some design inspiration, and a chance to escape from the everyday, for those who are after something a little more low-maintenance than house plants.


1. Coastal Landscape with Sailing Boats and Flowers.

Bursting with colour and the fresh beauty of nature, this tantalising coastal landscape uses an impressionist style to delicately capture the vagrant clouds and the light glistening on the water. Almost like peering through a window, the vibrant palette and detail of this piece instantly transport you to the peace and tranquility of the scene. This truly is a painting you can stand in front of for hours and never tire of.


2. Seaside Landscape with a Village Amongst the Hills.

If your interior design is in need of re-energising, this is the perfect piece to deliver some vibrancy, energy and vitality. Filled with life and rustic charm, this beautiful painting has a playfulness and energy which is sure to be infectious in any space. The glowing palette combined with light and dexterous brushwork will breathe some new life into a room, lifting your mood when you can't make it outside.


3. Expressionist Landscape with a View of a Church Tower.

This vibrant landscape's combination of a radical bold palette and daring brushwork would make a dramatic centrepiece for any room, with the large scale adding an extra level of theatre and excitement. The earthy hues of green, burnt sienna and ochre contrasted with some darker tones mean that this piece compliments both a muted scheme as well as a moodier design.


4. Purcará de Tilcara by José Roig.

Purcará de Tilcara is an archaeological site in rural Argentina built over many centuries by the indigenous people. José Roig, a Spanish artist whose works have sold internationally at auction, has captured the historical scene here in captivatingly vivid hues of pink, blue, green and orange - paired with a skilful depiction of figures and organic forms to create a truly delectable result. Roig's scene is inviting enough to make you want to step back in time into this entrancing landscape. If you're looking to inject some colour and richness of nature into your home, this is certainly the piece for you.

5. Oil Mountain Landscape.

You can almost breathe in the crispness of the mountain air from this piece - the ideal painting to refresh any space. In its post impressionist style and use of warm colours contrasted with darker tones, this painting creates a fantastic atmospheric perspective, reminiscent of Cézanne's Mont Sainte-Victoire. It gives an overwhelming sense of the sublime enchantment of nature, and does so skilfully using geometric shapes to describe the natural forms of the mountains and trees, featuring various perspectives to represent the depth of the structures.


All of these fantastic pieces and more are available on www.moderndecorative.com!

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