Modern Decorative are pleased to be exhibiting Jackson's first exhibition.

Self-taught painter Jackson, says he started drawing at one  Stopped at eleven and started painting at 50. 

When he's out painting, the occasional person comments that they wish they could paint. He asks when did they stop. He's a great believer that all can paint if you enjoy the action of doing rather than just being focussed on the outcome. 

He paints purely for enjoyment. The outcome is a bonus and if someone else likes the outcome, it's a second bonus. 

Questioning the outcome is an opportunity to watch his thinking. Observing his thinking while painting is part of the action. Excluding this thinking helps him paint deeper from within.

Sunsets and Clouds encourage him to paint quickly and reduce his thinking. 

Retiring as a dealer in art from his small gallery, he reflected on a coincidental happening. 

He had been invited to try a painting class opposite his gallery by a fellow dealer and art teacher. Within a  few minutes of using oil paints for the first time, the magic of its fluidity will always remain with him.

Towards the end of the class, he wiped out the painting that he had done. He liked the effect of the remaining paint. He did a quick life sketch in the time left using the background paint. Recognising he could sell it, he put the painting in his gallery and sold it for a small sum. 

Two years later, wandering around a car boot sale a number of miles from where the gallery had been, a lady proceeded to pull the painting out of a box as he walked by her.

Purchasing his painting back, the lady said I don't know who did it. On telling her it was by himself, the lady replied, there's a reason for such a coincidence.

Jackson had left his gallery and was going through a period of contemplation. 

With a this push from fate, he started painting.
Initially enrolling in life classes at RoeHampton college overseen by his tutor Micheal Clark. 

Micheal recognised Jackson needed to find his own way and occasionally made suggestions towards the basic language of art.
Needing to spend time outside, Jackson plucked up the courage, found a quiet spot along the Thames by Richmond lock and his love for En Plein Air painting started. From there on he hasn't looked back, painting various views of Richmond, including a trip to Gran Canaria. He is now exploring other destinations such as along the coast of the Costa Brava and further afield.


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