MAGÍ OLIVER BOSCH 1877 - 1964 Spanish

MAGÍ OLIVER BOSCH 1877 - 1964 Spanish

Magí Oliver Bosch  (Sant Sadurní d'Anoia, 1877 – Barcelona, ​​​​1964)

He was a painter of impressionist influence. He exhibited for the first time in 1905 at the Fine Arts Exhibition. Shortly afterwards he continued exhibiting, sometimes individually and sometimes collectively, at the Sala Parés, at the Galeries Laietanes, at "Camerino", etc. In 1910 he was awarded at the Brussels International Exhibition. them, and the following year at the Fine Arts Exhibition in Barcelona.

Magí Oliver summered for many years in Miralles (Castellví de Rosanes), and was inspired by the landscape that surrounded him; some of his works adorn corners of Gelida, Castellví de Rosanes, Martorell,...

The Vicenç Ros Municipal Museum houses a large-scale painting that reproduces a magnificent panoramic view of Martorell. In Martorell we also find the Marimón Collection, which belongs to a private individual, and which includes around thirty works by this painter (oils, watercolors, drawings). You can also see his work at the Museum of Modern Art in Barcelona and Tarragona.