Mechanic's Workshop

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A brilliant contrast between order and chaos, this depiction of a Mechanic's workshop by Imma Vallmitjana displays an impressive level of detail - a painting which has clearly been worked on with great care, just like the mechanic who owns this space working on their projects. A celebration of chaos and clutter, the piece highlights the beauty in one's personal space in which everything has its place, and only the owner knows just where it is. The room has been left unoccupied, but we still feel a personal connection with the mechanic by seeing this space where a great deal of time is clearly spent.

Imma Vallmitjana is a highly skilled and original contemporary painter whose works discuss a variety of aspects of modern life. Her work focuses on breaking down borders with her 'lively and serpentine brushstrokes'.

'Imma Vallmitjana is a painter who takes her time when she paints. Her works usually record and pinpoint specific moments in her life, and also in our own lives, as they reflect the world many of us choose to live: a world of rhythm and sensual melodies, magic moments, and scenes in which our most intimate experiences take place' -

Artist Name: Imma Vallmitjana

Approx Date: 1970s

Canvas Size: H 81 cm x W 100 cm x D 3 cm

Medium: Oil on canvas

Condition: Very good

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