White Roses. Oil on Canvas

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An iconic symbol of purity and innocence, white roses are traditionally given at ceremonial occasions such as weddings, christenings, and graduations. This sublime realist still life would make a gorgeous, thoughtful gift to mark a special occasion, or simply to hang in your own home to enjoy these delicate symbols of beauty every day. This highly skilled artist uses generously applied oil paint to create a fantastic texture, bringing these roses to life as they appear to erupt out of the canvas.

Ramón Cruz is a contemporary realist artist from the Balearic Islands. Specialising in watercolor and oil painting, Cruz is known for his outstanding flower paintings, with his subjects also including human figures, landscapes, and other still lifes, which are offered internationally at auction.

Artist name: Ramón Cruz

Approx date: Mid 20th Century 

Frame Size: H 90 cm x W 77.5 cm x D 5 cm

Canvas Size: H 74 cm x W 61 cm

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Condition: Good

Weight: 4.8 kg