Trees autumn oil painting (by Josep Maria Nuet Martí)

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Titled 'Tardor' ('Autumn' in Catalan), this vibrant, dynamic composition depicts a spectacular scene of light shining through the trees in the picturesque 'Parc Quinta Amèlia' in Barcelona as the leaves begin to change. Ablaze with the colours of the season, this daring painting uses energetic brush strokes to create a wonderfully spirited atmosphere. Josep Maria Nuet Martí was a Barcelona-born painter and sculptor known for his vibrant Impressionist paintings which have been frequently offered at auction.

Artist name: Josep Maria Nuet Martí (b. 1914)

Approx date: 1981

Frame Size: H 88 cm x W 87.5 cm x D 4 cm

Board Size: H 74.5 cm x W 75 cm

Medium: Oil on board

Condition: Good