Follower of Dan Colen - 'Untitled (Bird Shit)'

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This piece is an exploration of the series of paintings known as 'Untitled (Bird Shit)' by prominent ultra-contemporary artist Dan Colen. An American artist born in 1979, Dan Colen's highly conceptual work frequently uses found materials, often what would be considered as waste, manipulated in an expressive manner to challenge the boundaries of what we consider art to be. As in this particular piece, Colen is known for using text in his work, from graffiti to digital typefaces, bringing an additional conceptual dimension to his paintings, installations and assemblages. Having exhibited internationally in a number of prestigious institutions, Colen continues to enjoy exceptional success for his highly innovative work.

Artist Name: Unsigned 

Approx Date: 2008

Frame Size: H 197 cm x W 115 cm x D 5 cm 

Medium: Oil on canvas

Condition: Good

Price: P.O.A

SKU: 878