Two Abstract Landscapes in gouache by Luis Acosta Moro

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Two beguiling images of highly stylised figures in abstracted landscapes.  The Surrealist style is highly unique. The artist was also an illustrator and film-maker and this cinematic feel can be felt in these works.

Artist name: Luis Acosta Moro 1941-2014

Date: mid 20th century

Size Approx Piece 1: 

Framed: H 64.3 x W 58.7 x 3.5 cm

Unframed: H 49.5 x W 43 cm

Weight: 2.2 kg.

Size Approx Piece 2:

Framed: H 64.5 x 101 cm

Unframed: H x W cm 

Weight: 3.3 kg.

Total weight of the package (both): 5.5 kg

Condition: Frame shows little damages. One painting needs restoration.

Sold as a pair as one is in need of restoration is signed (free with other painting) and the other painting is not signed but clearly by the same artist.