Still Life with Gladiolus Flowers

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This alluring piece expertly balances a delicate composition with dramatic tones to create a wonderfully striking result. The softness of the petals beautifully compliments their deep, vibrant red, whilst the shine on the surface of the vase in the centre of the composition is captured outstandingly. Named after the Latin word 'gladius', meaning sword, the gladiolus flower represents strength and integrity, certainly conveyed by this powerful piece. The red variation of this gorgeous flower is also representative of love and passion, making this the perfect gift for a loved one.

Artist name: Luis Mutané (1899-?)

Approx date: Midcentury 

Frame Size: H 115 cm x W 95 cm x D 4.5 cm

Canvas Size: H 100 cm x W 77 cm

Medium: Oil on canvas

Condition: Good