Abstract Face Painting by Andreu Martró

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This mysterious portrait depicts a veiled or hooded figure, ominously looking to the side with their face mostly covered. The light shining on the figure partly illuminates the facial features, exposing this figure who looks as if they wish to be concealed and creating a dramatic and theatrical result, which could be interpreted as a modernised interpretation of the techniques of Caravaggio. The indistinct filling of the composition suggests we are looking through a window, adding to the overall enigmatic tone of this magnificent painting.

Andreu Martró was born in 1941 in Sant Quintí de Mediona. After graduating in Painting from the Superior School of Fine Arts Sant Jordi, Barcelona, Martró became a Professor at La Llotja School of Art and Design from 1970 to 2002, specialising in Pictorial Procedures and Mural Techniques. The artist's 76 solo exhibitions are a testament to his incredible skill as an abstract painter - he is most widely recognised for his magnificent abstract portraits, which have influences from surrealism.

Artist Name: Andreu Martró (1941-2012)

Approx Date: 1978

Frame Size: H 42 cm x W 36 cm x D 4 cm

Paper Size: H 22 cm x W 16 cm

Medium: Gouache or watercolour 

Condition: Good

Weight: 2.2 kg