Rare Cast Iron Table or Floor Mounted Wine Bottle Corker. Echauder Les Bouchons, Modern No 1

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Created during the heyday of French wine production, this is a classic piece of vintage design. Originally manufactured in Paris, the inscription 'Echauder Les Bouchons' means 'Fire the Corks'. La Modern No 1

A must have for any wine lover - perfectly embodying the golden age of French wine-making.

Date Approx.: Late 19th/early 20th century

Artist name: Inscribed with makers stamp 'Echauder Les Bouchons, La Moderne no.1  Btee SDGD'

Size Approx.: Large

H 100 x W 55 x D 30 cm

Weight: 20kg approx

Medium: Cast Iron

Condition: Very good.