A Rare Set of 10 Antique Hydrometers by Mon. Salleron Dujardin.

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A Hydrometer is a device for measuring the relative levels of different substances in a liquid - in this case, it was used to measure the strength of alcohol in spirits. A vintage breathalyser!

This rare set comes in its original box. A great display piece for a high-quality wine merchant's window.

Dujardin-Salleron has been manufacturing measuring devices and instruments since 1855 - and are still in operation today.

Manufacturer: Mon. Salleron Dujardin, Paris.

Date Approx: 1880-1890

Size Approx.: Medium

Case: H 6.7 cm x W 35.5 cm x D 30 cm

Weight: 1.7 kg

Medium: Glass, Lead, Shot, Wood. Embossed 'Alcoometres Controles'.

Condition: Good. Some age-related wear to box.