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African Boli Animal #1

African Boli Animal #1

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This fascinating object is part of a richly historical and spiritual African tradition. Known as a 'Boli' (pl. boliw) or 'Power Object', these sculptures are crafted from wood, cloth and organic materials such as soil to create a zoomorphic (as can be seen here), or sometimes anthropomorphic form, which is then used for the spiritual benefit of the Bamana community of Mali. The unique forms and materials of these sculptures have attracted much Western attention and fascination, and versions of this highly significant object are now held in the world's most prestigious museums, such as The Met in New York City. This is a rare chance to own a truly enchanting piece of the Bamana tradition, perfect for those interested in African Art and spirituality. Can be purchased alone or as a pair.

Artist name: Signed at present unidentifiable 

Approx date:

Size: H 31 cm x W 38 cm x D 16.5 cm



Weight: 2.2 kg.

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