Drawing of Shadowy Figures by Eric Finlay

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A powerful and atmospheric image - this highly skilled piece taps into the human nature to fear the unknown. These imposing, shadowy figures are shrouded in darkness, enveloping the work in ambiguity and leaving the viewer cautious yet intrigued. Finlay’s harsh brush strokes give a fantastic sense of movement, whilst his limited palette allows the vibrant red to stand out and add depth to the piece.

Eric Finlay (1930-1996) was a British Postwar and Contemporary artist, whose work is exhibited globally. This piece wonderfully showcases the strong influence of Cubism on his work.

Artist Name: Eric Finlay (1930-1996)

Approx Date: Inscribed 1957

Board Size: H 38.7 cm x W 51 cm 

Image Size: H 25.5 cm x W 31 cm 

Medium: Pastel and mixed media on paper

Condition: Good

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