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A Stunning Signed Arts & Crafts Enamel Mermaid Framed Plaque

A Stunning Signed Arts & Crafts Enamel Mermaid Framed Plaque

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This mesmerising arts and craft plaque features vividly painted enamel, framed in a hand-hammered silver or pewter frame, adding to the magic and wonder in the captivating detail of this mythical mermaid. The enamel work is an intriguing mixture of techniques and colourful luminous effects. A very high-quality piece of work. It is signed on the bottom left-hand side and monogrammed and dated on reverse.

This piece would certainly make an exciting and intriguing addition to your interior design, not to mention a fascinating talking point with guests. A great investment that you can enjoy. 

Artist name: Signed front and monogrammed on the back. At present unidentifiable 

Approx date: MCMXXVI = 1926 (signed on reverse)

Size: H 11.5 cm x W 13.3 cm x D 1 cm

Medium: Silver or pewter frame enamelled on metal possible copper

Condition: Two small fine hairlines in clear enamel on the reverse. No hairs lines on the front. Two small screws missing on the back. 


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