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Follower of Joan Miro. Oil on Canvas Painting

Follower of Joan Miro. Oil on Canvas Painting

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The childlike palette and biomorphic forms of this surreal image strongly echo the work of Joan Miró, a contemporary and clear influence of this artist. A wonderfully imaginative and expressive piece, this painting uses the medium in in a variety of ingenious ways, with the subject sparking curiosity in the mind of the viewer and leaving us to speculate what this mysterious scene could be depicting. 

Artist name: Signed at present unidentifiable. Jordi ... B. 

Approx date: 1969 

Frame Size: H 51.5 cm x W 66.5 cm x D 2.6 cm

Canvas Size: H 50 cm x W 65 cm

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Condition: Good

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