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Large Major work by Franz Courtens. Haycart, sheep and shepherd in a landscape

Large Major work by Franz Courtens. Haycart, sheep and shepherd in a landscape

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An exquisite painting by this highly celebrated Belgian artist. Baron Franciscus (Franz) Eduardus Maria Courtens was a Belgian painter born in 1854. A leading figure of the Dendermonde School, he is famous for his incredible landscapes and nature paintings. A close friend of King Leopold II, one of the highlights of Courtens' impressive and fruitful career included working as a professor at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp from 1904 until 1924. A number of his works are still held in the Royal Collection.

This stunning landscape is a credit to Courtens' outstanding skill. Delicately painted in impeccable detail, this work recalls the masterpieces of John Constable in its subject and style. As we peer down this tree-lined country lane, we notice charming details such as a farmer and houses in the distance, with the vibrant natural tones and contrast between light and shadow making an overall spectacular result. A truly magnificent work of art. The painting comes in a beautifully ornate Gallery frame with the artist's name engraved.

Artist name: Franz Courtens (1854-1943)

Approx date: 1885 to 1910

Frame Size: H 115 cm x W 149 cm x D 16 cm

Board Size: H 73 cm x W 110.5 cm

Medium: Oil on panel.

Condition: Overall good. Few restoration touch-ups. Approx about 6 to 12. 
Panel needs repositioning in the frame. Panel and frame will be shipped separately. Please see the photos. 


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