Impressionist River Scene with Bridge

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This immensely atmospheric and emotive piece is undoubtedly influenced by the work of William Turner. The transparent washes of paint create a wonderfully mysterious tone, evoking a misty early morning by the river in autumn - the blazing orange tree hinting at the time of year.

José Luis Sanz Magallon was a Spanish painter, known for his sublimely atmospheric impressions of landscapes, cityscapes and portraits, recalling the style of J. M. W. Turner, with his own personal style. The artist appears to have the same fascination with storms and the power of nature as Turner, having created works such as 'Tormenta en la Playa' ('Storm on the Beach') and 'Barco en una Tormenta' ('Boat in a Storm') - similar in subject to some of Turner's most famous masterpieces.

Artist name: José Luis Sanz Magallon (1926-2000)

Approx date: Mid 20th Century

Frame Size: H 55.5 cm x W 72.5 cm x D 5.7 cm

Canvas Size: H 38 cm x W 55 cm

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Condition: Good