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Jose Luis Serrano - Cave Painting

Jose Luis Serrano - Cave Painting

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Inspired by ancient cave paintings, the first known form of art, this captivating piece transports us back to the prehistoric era. Reflecting the natural pigments which would have been available to the first painters, this artist uses earthy tones of terracotta and blue to depict a series of animals and emblematic stick-figure like forms which are highly typical of this fascinating art form.

Jose Luis Serrano is a Mexican artist born in 1947, whose enigmatic paintings are characterised by abstracted, floating forms and a surrealist style pictorial language reminiscent of the work of Joan Miró.

Artist Name: Jose Luis Serrano (b. 1947) 

Approx Date: Second half of the 20th Century 

Frame Size: H 74 cm x W 113 cm x D 3.5 cm

Canvas Size: H 62 cm x W 101 cm

Medium: Oil on canvas 

Condition: Good

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