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Jaquim Mir - Study of a Church - Stamped Reverse Mvseos Mvnicipa De Barcelona Copia

Jaquim Mir - Study of a Church - Stamped Reverse Mvseos Mvnicipa De Barcelona Copia

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Interesting frame original oil study of a Church. Stamped on reverse. ´Mvseos Mvnicipa De Barcelona Copia. Signed on reverse J . Mir Por (M . F/J/Prasy)? 

Not known if this has been copied from a painting in Museos Municipal De Barcelona or maybe it was taken to the Museos to be authenticated and stamp after they decided it was a copy. ( Even the experts don't get it right sometimes. Maybe this time also? )

Personal opinion. The painting looks as though its not finish because of the heavy impasto of the right hand corner of the sky and the contrast of the rest of the painting. Is it by Jaquim Mir ? I leave that to the experts. Its certainly painted by a good quick hand alining with a study and the painter may have decided not to take the painting any further and signed and inscribed it on reverse. 

Artist Name: Signed (unidentified at present)

Approx Date: Mid century or before

Frame Size: H63 cm x W51 cm x D3.75 cm

Canvas Size: H61 cm x W49.5 cm 

Medium: Oil on canvas

Condition: Good (kept behind glass and shipped without glass as its not needed being an oil) 

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