Nabis-style Watercolour Study for Wall Frieze

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A beautiful and softly painted design for a Frieze, circa. late 19th/early 20th century. The floral motifs and bucolic setting relate the work to the style of the Nabis, a French group of painters who emphasised the decorative and symbolic in their work and focused on nostalgic, pastoral scenes. The depiction of a figure playing the lyre gives the work a Classical feeling.

Artist name: Unidentified artist  

Date: Approx 1890 - 1910

Size Approx.: Medium

Framed:  H 39 x W 66 cm

Paper: H 17 x W 44.5 cm

Weight: 1.5 kg

Medium: Watercolour on paper. Framed.

Condition: Good 

Shipping Option: Can ship without frame and glass for lower cost shipping.