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Night Dog Painting (by Pujol Boira)

Night Dog Painting (by Pujol Boira)

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In this mysterious yet striking painting, the contrast of monotone with vivid yellow and white creates an ethereal tone. Appearing to be drawn straight from a dream, this mystical, enigmatic image shows an elongated form of a dog standing alert, with the light of the moon shining in its eyes and bouncing off the edges of its body. A cryptic yet intoxicating piece, a testament to Pujol Boira's incredible imagination.

Ramon Pujol Boira is a Contemporary Spanish artist born in 1949. His abstracted, often dreamlike paintings, drawings, and prints use a variety of media and cover a wide range of subject matter, frequently enjoying international success at auction.

Artist Name: Ramon Pujol Boira (b. 1949)

Approx date: Mid 20th Century 

Frame Size: H 30.5 cm x W 36.5 cm x D 2.8 cm

Image Size: H 19 cm x W 25 cm

Medium: Watercolour on paper

Condition: Good

Weight: 1.5 kg.


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