Atmospheric Modernist Landscape Oil on Board Signed

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In this highly expressive, atmospheric piece, a sense of mystery is invoked within the dark shadows cast across the landscape. The painting focuses on the dramatic effect caused by light interacting with nature, as the sun beams through the trees and creates a striking contrast between the dark forest and the illuminated orange of the autumn leaves. The abstract expressionist style allows this artist to magnificently describe the scene through texture and movement.

Artist name: Signed at present unidentifiable. ( F... Bosch ?? )

Approx date: Mid 20th Century 

Frame Size: H 67 cm x W 97 cm x D 3 cm

Image window Size: H 30 cm x W 60 cm

Medium: Oil on Board

Condition: Very good. Very Small Damage in corner of the glass.  Please see last photograph.

Weight: 6.7 kg