Mountain Landscape with Barn and Haystacks

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This captivating scene uses a warm palette to evoke a wonderful sense of nostalgia. The impressionist style adds a charming energy to the piece, conjuring a sense of memory and familiarity within a tranquil landscape.

Francesc Carbonell Massabe was born in Barcelona in 1928. Having had a fascination with painting since he was a child, Carbonell studied at the highly prestigious 'La Llotja' Fine Arts School of Barcelona. Since then, his work has been exhibited widely across the continent, as he has developed into a Master impressionist landscape painter, always focusing on the depiction of light and how it interacts with various objects within the landscape.

Artist name: Francesc Carbonell Massabe (b. 1928)

Approx date: Mid 20th century 

Frame Size: H 64.5 cm x W 72.5 cm x D 5.5 cm

Canvas Size: H 38 cm x W 46.2 cm

Medium: Oil on canvas.

Condition: Good