Oil Portrait of a Young Woman Holding an Apple

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In this highly intriguing image, a young woman poses holding an apple in one hand. Traditionally, the apple symbolises knowledge, sin, temptation, and the fall of man - which may shed some light on this somewhat mysterious painting. In portraiture, this fruit can also connote female sexuality, as in Titian's Woman Holding an Apple (c. 1550), which also shows a lady in a dress with her chest partially exposed. Whoever this sitter maybe, this is an undeniably captivating portrait, which hooks us in with the striking red of the dress and lips and the piercing dark eyes of this young woman.

Approx date: 1930 to 1940 

Frame Size: H 39 cm x W 32.5 cm x D 2.3 cm

Board Size: H 30 cm x W 24 cm

Medium: Canvas laid down on Board

Condition: Good