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Palito Wood - Large Oil on Canvas

Palito Wood - Large Oil on Canvas

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The operatic forms and frenetic energy of the piece recall the abstract expressionism of Roberto Matta, one of the most influential surrealists of his day. The artist's intuitive use of dripped paint and expressive, sweeping brush strokes give the piece a dynamic, gestural quality, which echoes Matta's exploration of the changing energy of the universe.The outstanding level of depth and shade makes for a captivating and all-absorbing yet beautifully balanced composition. This piece is comprised of two canvases that come together to make one spectacular masterpiece.

Artist Name: Signed 'Palito Wood'

230x 280

Nationality: Latin American

Medium: Oil on canvas

Period: from 2000

Movement: Abstract Expressionist

Approx Date:2004.0

Condition: Good

Subject: Non-Representational


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