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Sergi Aguilar - 'Encaix'

Sergi Aguilar - 'Encaix'

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In this minimalist abstract work, the artist experiments with shape, dimension and texture to create a highly intriguing piece. Titled 'Encaix' by Sergi Aguilar, there is a sense of mystery in the simplicity of this object, whose bold form and sharp lines have a strong presence yet an obscure, unexplainable aura. The artist cleverly manipulates the surface, light and shadow of the object to portray depth, even with a limited palette.

Sergi Aguilar is a Spanish designer, jeweller, photographer and sculptor born in Barcelona in 1946.
He studied at the Massana School and at the Conservatory of Free Arts of Barcelona (1962-1967).
From 1968 to 1973, Aguilar began working as a jeweller before beginning to develop the basic principles of his sculpture, which he began in 1972.

Aguilar's early work was created in bronze, brass and marble in a post-minimalist style inspired by Russian constructivism and the work of sculptors such as Julio González, Jorge Oteiza, Eduardo Chillida and Constantin Brancusi. From 1980 onwards, he incorporated iron, wood, steel and aluminium into his practice; and has experimented with drawing and photography since 1990, adding materials like felt and cork, and mixing iron and wood in a dialogue between the natural and the artificial.

Sergi Aguilar is currently the director of the Suñol Foundation in Barcelona. His work has been the subject of individual and group exhibitions in Spain as well as in several other countries, particularly in Europe as well as expanding to the United States and Japan. His work is present in museums and contemporary art galleries on an international level, such as the Guggenheim Museum of New York, the MACBA in Barcelona, the Kunsthalle in Mannheim and La Caixa Foundation in Barcelona. In 1980, Aguilar won the "Price Cáceres Sculpture"

Artist Name: Sergi Aguilar (b. 1946)

Approx Date: 1973/4

Frame Size: H 75 cm x W 104 cm x D 3 cm

Canvas Size: H 73 cm x W 102 cm

Medium: Ink on paper

Condition: Good

Weight: 7 kg

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