Surreal Faces. Bartolome Liarte Aparicio. Watercolour.

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This enchanting piece shows a fleeting series of figures who appear to be swiftly moving through the air, the drapery of the clothing and hair flowing behind them. A magnificently surreal image, this piece plays on classical imagery, with some of the figures resembling the pristine statues of ancient Greece. Like a moment from a mysterious dream, the head of the figure in green is replaced with an explosion, perhaps a metaphor for emotion or speech. The figure poses expressively with a hand on his chest, adding to the sense of theatre of this dramatic image.

Bartolome Liarte Aparicio is a Spanish Postwar & Contemporary artist. Born in Barcelona in 1933, Aparicio is known for his highly unique and surreal paintings which often depict dreamlike visions of human figures with bright, ethereal palettes.

Artist name: Bartolome Liarte Aparicio (Barcelona, 1933)

Approx Date: Second Half 20th Century 

Frame Size: H41 cm x W 51 cm X D 2.8 cm

Image Size: H 23 cm x W 33 cm

Medium: Watercolour on paper

Condition: Good

Weight: 2.3 kg