Large Polychromed Carved Wooden Figure in the form of a ships officer or admiral rank figurehead

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This fascinating piece is possibly a ship's figurehead. The carving of this figure, who appears to be a naval officer or admiral rank, is skilfully subtle as he looks to his right as though watching over his crew. Wearing a green and yellow/gold uniform of 18th or early 19th-century style, the figure has two red flags draped behind him, giving clues about his nationality- there appears to be a prominent amount of red polychrome on both. A highly compelling and somewhat mysterious object.

Approx date: 19th or early 20th century or maybe earlier. 

Size: H 92 cm x W 52 cm x D 47 cm

Medium: Hard Wood & polychrome colouring on gesso.

Condition: Age-related wear please see photos.